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Our unique, user-friendly business matchmaking solution allows you to create, manage and track your events with ease. A Business Matchmaking Platform that cultivates contact between the producers and purchasers, even before the exchange is reasonably started. It utilizes buyer and supplier details to ensure precise, productive matches. We offer numerous business matchmaking services from event portal creation, to in-person event facilitation.

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About Supplier Diversity Connections

Supplier Diversity Connections ™ (SDC) is a division of BrandGOV, Inc., a certified Women-Owned, DBE, WMBE, SB cloud-based global business matchmaking solution that allows hosts to create engagement portals, or conduct business matchmaking events.

When creating an event through our easy-to-use solution, hosts set the criteria for matches, which ensures that buyers meet with suppliers that can fulfill their needs. As well, our solution allows hosts to track the success of their events after completion.

Supplier Diversity Connections was developed by our CEO, K. Patrice Williams, J.D., who frequently attended business matchmaking events that she found to be frustrating because she was continually matching with organizations and corporations that had no need for her services. Thus she was inspired to provide a successful matchmaking service that is easy to use for all parties. “Inaccurate matching, and lack of preparedness are two commons problems that occur in the matchmaking space.

Who can participate?

  • Event Portal
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Onsite Business Matchmaking Facilitation
  • Participant Surveys
  • Business Matchmaking Outcome Report

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